Chemical USA’s Process and Services

Formulation of Surplus Chemicals or Off-Spec Chemicals:
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  • We first collect a sample of the off-spec chemicals so our chemists can reformulate the Brand surplus chemical product(s) into ‘ finished products’. Once we receive the sample our turnaround time is fast … usually 24 to 48 hours.
  • We are 99% successful in our formulation work …thus you can be certain we will take all brand off-spec chemicals offered after formulation work.

Collection and Removal of Off-Spec Chemical or Surplus Chemical Product from Site:
Fass-Füllanlage Drum filling

  • Once we have a successful formulation with Brand surplus chemicals , we purchase the Brand off-spec chemicals in drum, tote, or bulk form
  • Then our carriers pick-up the surplus chemicals or off-spec chemicals and store at our commercial warehouse awaiting queue for the manufacturing/blending schedule into ‘finished products’.

Off-Spec Chemical and Surplus Chemical Products Blended into Finished Product:
Services 3

  • Our end – use ‘finished products’ have use/demand in industrial & oilfield markets.
  • If you have surplus chemicals or off-spec chemicals please contact us

How Chemical USA’s Process Benefits You:
We provide a sustainable and environmentally responsible alternative for off-spec chemicals or surplus chemicals. Our services will:

  • Improved Economic Value
  • Reduced Regulatory Risk
  • Provide Comprehensive Product Stewardship
  • Provide a Timely & Sustainable Solutions

contact us with your brand off-spec chemicals or surplus chemicals.

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